What I Do

Based in the land down under (Sydney, represent!), I’ve worked as a writer for social media, blogs, and general website content for various companies. My professional portfolio spans across areas in Hollywood entertainment, lifestyle, popular culture, careers, and many others.

As personal projects, I manage my own blog on this website and a separate one (with its accompanying social media platforms) dedicated to my active hobby in cosplay and costume makeup. Feel free to down a dose of my nerdy side and give it a visit here.

I offer freelance writing services at competitive rates.

If you need the right words strung together, I’m your gal! While my long-time passion lies in creative writing and blog content, I also have experience in content/social media marketing, copy writing, editing, script writing, and long-form research articles; and moulding each voice to appropriately suit their brand.

For further details on my areas of expertise the types of writing services I offer, visit my “Hire Me” page here.

I believe that businesses can effectively increase their brand awareness and develop a more personable, trusting connection with their audience through the right words and written content (or simply provide them with insightful entertainment) - and that’s where I can help.

Feel free to view samples of my professional work in the links below, or check out my own blog here!