Review: Avengers Endgame (Warning - Spoilers!)

We made it. 22 movies and a decade later, Marvel has achieved a feat no franchise in cinematic history has done before: a universe of on-screen characters, interwoven adventures, and origin stories that have all culminated in a final, incredibly satisfying send-off: Avengers: Endgame.

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Why does my hair keep falling out?! (6 common reasons you’re experiencing hair loss)

I love having long hair. It’s more adaptable to versatile styles; I love how it looks under my (perpetual) collection of berets and getting that ever-so-cinematic Insta-shot where it flows behind you in the beach breeze.

Long manes are a fun time – until you start getting sick of all the tumbleweeds of hair piled up on your bathroom floor. And don’t get me started on clogged shower drains.

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Review: Us (Spoiler-free)

Following his success with the blockbuster horror film, Get Out, Jordan Peele impresses again with his chilling 2019 release, Us.

It’s safe to say that Peele’s one hell of a versatile artist – taking his talent from comedy as the other half of Key and Peele, portraying a variety of weird and wacky personalities; to writing, directing, and producing some of the best horror films in this generation.

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Is my sunscreen making me break out? (4 possible reasons why)

We all know to put sunscreen on day in, day out. It’s a necessary step in anyone’s skin care routine, because all know the sun can be a total b*tch.

Apart from laying on the UV rays and leaving the sensitive-skinned among us at risk for skin cancer, overexposure to the sun can lead to prevalent signs of premature aging and pigmentation. It’s no wonder that professionals consider sunscreen to be a no-excuses, must-have product in everyone’s skin care kit.

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Why am I breaking out? 6 reasons why you’re getting pimples, despite your skin care routine

So you’ve got a proud collection of Korea’s best skincare products that you diligently apply every morning and night like clockwork. You take care not to excessively touch your face, you wear your sunscreen like a second layer of skin, and you treat yourself to sheet mask every other night.

And yet, you woke up today with a bright new pimple (or two). What gives?!

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The era of FOMO: 3 major ways Instagram and Facebook damages your mental health, and what to do about it

Social media has been both a blessing and curse for the new generation. It’s a digital revolution that’s opened countless doors of opportunity for business, relationships, and the widespread communication of new ideas.

Our world has never felt smaller, information has never felt more accessible, and the freedom of self-expression has never been more encouraged.

But of course, with the advent of life-changing technology comes its inevitable pitfalls.

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3 kinds of foods that kill your productivity (and what to eat instead)

So you’ve got yourself a pretty hectic day ahead; e-mails to send, meetings to run, projects to turn in – and goodness knows those groceries aren’t going to shop themselves. If only that NZT-48 pill from “Limitless” were a real-world drug, many of us would’ve taken one by now.

Though while there aren’t any magic tablets on the market (just yet), we can start improving our mental and physical performance through what we eat on the daily.

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