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A newbie's guide to the best places in Melbourne

So my boyfriend and I recently ventured into one of Australia’s most popular tourist cities, Melbourne, also known as Sydney’s artsy-fartsy, hippie cousin.

Though having lived in Australia as a citizen for about eight years and counting, I never got the chance to fly off to Melbourne until this year. We were both inspired by the exciting tales of a dynamic city life; complete with buskers at every corner, an absence of nightlife lockout laws, hipster cafes and eye-candy graffiti adorning the streets – and let me tell you, our actual visit ceased to disappoint.

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The 3 harsh realities of working from home

The whole ‘working from home’ lifestyle seems to be most people’s ideal image of a long-term career. And let’s admit it – waking up at 10 AM to no alarm clock, getting nice and snug under a couch blanket while you trawl through your inbox in pyjamas seems like a pretty awesome way to spend your weekdays, every day.

Yet as alluring as the homebody, PJ-clad laptop lifestyle is to many 9-5 corporate workers out there – being home-based isn’t the sparkly land of employment freedom that common misconceptions make it out to be.

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How to skip the small talk and start meaningful conversations

Taken straight from the top Google search result, “small talk” is the term used to describe the “polite conversation” you have with someone you barely know, usually on unimportant or uncontroversial matters.

Personally, I think Urban Dictionary describes it best as the “useless and unnecessary conversation attempted to fill the silence in an awkward conversation.” That hits a lot closer to home.

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How worrying affects your health, and 4 ways to control it

If you’re anything like me, you’re likely someone who tends to worry over anything and everything. In my personal experience, it’s almost become a talent in itself.

Possible worst-case scenarios like forgetting my tickets to a long-awaited event, even when I clearly remember printing them out and packing them in my bag before heading out the door. Stuff like the café barista possibly finding me rude because I accidentally ordered my drink in a blunt tone, even when I didn’t mean anything by it; it’s just that it’s 8 in the morning and I haven’t exactly inched out of my “morning” voice.

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