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Stranger Things – Season 3 Review (Spoilers Ahead!)

The third instalment of this much beloved series brings back plenty of what fans loved from previous seasons, from placing show favourites at the forefront, to laying that gory monster action on thick. Picking things up a year later, our story continues in the tiny town of Hawkins, Indiana – where it wastes no time letting us know that the once baby-faced cast of 11-year olds have now entered the realm of teenhood.

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Review: Avengers Endgame (Warning - Spoilers!)

We made it. 22 movies and a decade later, Marvel has achieved a feat no franchise in cinematic history has done before: a universe of on-screen characters, interwoven adventures, and origin stories that have all culminated in a final, incredibly satisfying send-off: Avengers: Endgame.

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Review: Us (Spoiler-free)

Following his success with the blockbuster horror film, Get Out, Jordan Peele impresses again with his chilling 2019 release, Us.

It’s safe to say that Peele’s one hell of a versatile artist – taking his talent from comedy as the other half of Key and Peele, portraying a variety of weird and wacky personalities; to writing, directing, and producing some of the best horror films in this generation.

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Review: Green Book (Spoiler-free)

So most of us are up to date with the latest Oscars buzz and know that Green Book went home snagging the award for Best Picture.

While I can’t exactly discuss the deservedness of the outcome (haven’t seen any other ‘Best Picture’ nominee besides ‘Black Panther’), I can argue for how well it held up as a biopic drama – and it was great.

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Why this Lion King remake is a bad idea

The trailers are still raking in views, entertainment websites continue to release info snippets each month and die-hard fans are ready to secure tickets for their local cinema’s premiere – and I’m about to piss some people off with this upcoming rant on why I already dislike the idea of remaking The Lion King, and the full thing hasn’t even come out yet.

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Review: Bird Box (Spoiler-free)

Few horror movies manage to truly impress in this day and age, much less those that attempt to take on the ‘scary-monster’ narrative. It’s the reason why I prefer the more psychological tales of terror that deal with more distressing, unstable mental themes, and yet, still manage to (somewhat) base themselves in reality. Think films like An Invitation or Gerald’s Game. These subject matters, at least, have the slight possibility of actually manifesting in the real world. It’s what makes them more terrifying.

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